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Mozilla Firefox Send brings the easiest way to safely share large files


Mozilla brings the easiest way to safely share large files

When you come on an exciting holiday trip with your friends, family or colleagues, what do you do first? Almost all of us do one thing first and they share the trip photos with their friends.

What options do you have now to share?

You can share the data through whatsapp. But today’s high-definition cameras, or even the smartphone cameras, are capable of taking photos of HD quality, which means the size of the photos is very high. In this case, Whatsapp has some limitations.

The second option is from social networks like Facebook or Snapchat. But remember these do not remain privy and you can not share too much photos together.

Did Facebook Share Your Data With Cambridge Analytics? Here’s how to find out.The third option is that you can copy everything in a USB pen drive and give this USB pen drive to others. But this is the 21st century and you must take the risk of not getting your pen drive back.

In the fourth option you can use a cloud service like Dropbox or Google Drive but it comes with your limited cloud storage.

This is where file sharing services come in handy. Some popular services are already present but they could not prevent Mozilla from releasing their encrypted file sharing program:

Firefox Send: There are already ways to share large files, whether it’s with the Google Drive link or through services like Dropbox. But doing this safely with end-to-end encryption without staging the file from the cloud is another story.

Send big files over the internet in an easy and fast way

This is the beauty of Mozilla’s Firefox Send that it’s a free, intuitive, web-based service that lets you share large encrypted files, no strings attached.

By the way, Mozilla started Firefox Send as an experiment in 2017, but it only became a part of the discontinued test pilot program. Since then, it had diminished in beta, was receiving some features on the way, but was mostly in the dark for most common users. But now its public launch has started.

Firefox Send: Easily share files of size up to 2.5 GB

Mozilla Firefox is a privacy-oriented open source web browser. Which has now announced the availability of free service named Firefox Send.

This is a free file sharing service in which you can share files up to 2.5 GB in size with ant-to-end encryption.

You can send files up to 1GB without any sign-up, but if you log in to your Firefox account, then you can send files up to 2.5 GB.

For comparison, SMS is usually the maximum at 600 KB. You can only send 25 MB to the largest attachment in Gmail. So, Firefox Send provides so much coverage. In comparison to these that you can send a full episode of High Definition ‘Game of Thrones’ from it.

Upload or drag and drop files, and Send will generate a link that you can set to finish after a certain number of downloads – upto 100 or for a certain time, from five minutes to seven days.

It’s very easy to send files or documents from Firefox Send.

Note another thing that it works in any browser. What are we waiting for?

Firefox Send Sharing files is easy. All you have to do is drag and drop or upload your file or any document or photo on the Firefox Send webpage.

With Firefox Send, your files are not stuck in the cloud indefinitely.

When you upload a file, it gives you three options:

Limit the number of downloads Or set the end date of your link (maximum 7 days)

Alternatively, you can protect your shared link (so even if the unexpected person gets a link, then he can not download your files without a password)

By default, links expire after a download or one day.

Once you upload files, you get a shareable link. You can give this link to the person you want to share your files with.

When a person gets the link and copy and paste this link into any of the browsers on his PC. He will get the download link immediately.

Firefox Send
For this, it is not necessary to sign-up or register for this download. Is not too much posture!

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