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Google Chrome Latest Version with security and great features


Google Chrome Latest Version with security and great features

Google has released its new web browser, Google Chrome 72. With this, mobile and desktop users will get security as well as many great features. The good thing is that the Chrome 72 browser will run on Windows as well as Mac and Linux.

Please note, Google Chrome latest version browser Google Chrome 72 will have a new setting menu, not only that, but users will also have the option to completely block pop up in the new menu. There will also be notifications of media player upgrades in Chrome 72 for Android users. Desktop users can upgrade this version to a built-in update. Apart from this, it can also be downloaded directly from the company’s website. In this new version of Chrome, Android and iOS sildenafil citrate 100mg users will be able to use the Google home app. The quality of video and audio in Google Chrome 72 has also improved.

Google Chrome Latest Version with security and great features

This update of Chrome has fixed up to 58 issues related to security. There has also been a significant change in the settings menu of Google Chrome 72. In this, users will get many new features for security. Users will also be able to access security key, Bluetooth U2F keys and other methods even if they want to sign-in. Major changes have made to the Google Chrome 72 tab menu for Android. At the same time, iOS users will get support for more search engine because it also has a Siri shortcut for new searching.

While Chrome 72 Android users can download from Google Play, iOS users will be able to download it from the app store. Altogether, this update gives users many security improvements and new features. In Windows, Mac, and Linux, users are given a new settings menu, web authentication API, pop-ups blocking and other things in the new Google chrome latest version browser.


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